Monday, January 7, 2008

And now for something completely different.

For Christmas, I splurged on myself and bought a Wii. Wii is really fun. It's really addictive and it's an easy way to waste an entire evening. Furthermore, it's an easy way to make yourself really sore and discover you're really out of shape. Danny (my roommate) and I play Wii. Then the next day we sit around and complain about how sore, old and out of shape we are. How pathetic is that? I mean we are both over the age of 35 and playing video games for one. Secondly, we get SORE from playing these games. SAD! We play boxing, bowling, and golf mostly. The boxing and the bowling get you the worst. You actually will work up a sweat. I'm waiting to have some sort of cardiac or pulmonary incident while playing. Then, I'll be the laughing stock of the hospital. "Girl, did you see that old, fat, white woman in room 7? Yep, she had a heart attack while playing Wii." I see the headlines of the Tallahassee Democrat. Old, Fat, White Woman Dies Playing Wii. I'll be on news of the weird. The Weekly World News will have some story about how I'd been playing for 6 days straight and fell over. My roommate would then use the Wii controller as a defibrillator paddle and bring me back to life. I can see it all now. Reporters surrounding my home, asking Danny how he came up with the idea. Everybody clamoring to get a look at the miracle woman.

Anyway, anybody thinking about buying a Wii - go ahead. They're fun. Maybe it'll make me less fat. Mabye it's actually exercise. Maybe I just need to give up pizza.

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